Tuesday, September 11, 2012

New Crafting area

I hope everyone's Tuesday is going well. I'm doing great. I wanted to share my new crafting area with all of you. We have a spare room that my husband was using as his study area and extra TV room or should I say man room. One day he came to me and said that I could move my stuff in his study room because he is hardly ever in there and I would use it more. So now we are sharing the room. 
I'm not sure he knew how much stuff I had until I moved into the room. He was like I thought it was going to be 50/50 not 95% for you and 5% for me, but he was just joking with me. I did give him a small area for his desk. LOL!! He's a good hubby it didn't matter to him. I think he wanted me in there when he studies so he didn't feel separated from me. Now I can't keep him and my daughter out. Oh well I like the company. I even have my dog in there laying in her bed when I craft away. 

Before Picture:
My oldest had this room and my hubby never got around to painting it, but I was going to make sure it got painted before I moved in.

After Picture:
I love my new room. The blue color that my hubby picked out is really pretty. The blue I picked was lighter but I'm glad I went with this blue.

Now I have more room to buy more products. But don't tell hubby. Our little secret.

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