Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My project for Lindy's Stamp Gang Contest

Wanted to share my project I made for Lindy's Stamp Gang: Halloween Fun Contest. 

I just love using Lindy's Stamp Gang products.

My Project
Huge Clothes Pin
First I colored my white flowers with Lindy's sprays and used the dabber on the leaves. 

I placed some purple paper on the side of the clip. and before the extra glue dried I sprayed it with Lidny's spray to make the clip look old. 
 Than I hot glue some black ribbon around the edges and than I coved the clip with spider web.
 I had some jewel sticky pumpkins so I added them to the side of the clip, and buttons. Look who's lurking on the bottom of the clip. Black cat
Than I added a skeleton 
 added a sign
 After my flowers dried I added them, some black bling and a pearl stick pin to the front of the clip.
 And here is the finished product
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  1. absolutely fabulous!! I love this Maria!!

  2. Congratulations, Maria! You are the big winner over at The Craft's Meow. Be sure to check out this post: