Friday, September 19, 2014

I'm Here

Its time for me to clean up my blog and start posting again. A lot has happened since the last time I posted in June. It just got really busy for me and my family. First of all my husband and I started kicking butt losing weight as of today we have lost 108 pounds together. He lost 71 and I lost 37. It really bugs me he can lose that much weight in five months and I only lost 37. I guess its true men can lose weight faster than women. But I just keep on eating right and exercising.
In July was a very busy month we went on a trip/family reunion to Austin TX for the Fourth of July week. We had a great time. Than a week and half later my husband and I went to Dallas TX to see Lady Gaga. I really enjoyed the show. 
Being of August my daughter started band camp at school. She wasn't to happy her summer was cut short but she did love going and hanging out with band friends and that lasted until school started. And between that time getting her ready for school buying school clothes. I really hate buying school supplies for High school student. She doesn't get her list until school starts to see what the teachers want the student to have and we go shopping everything is almost gone. That drives me crazy.
I've also been crafting and making cards because I'm showing/sale my stuff at a craft show at the library. 
Didn't sale much but at least I made enough to cover my spot in library.
Can you believe the holidays are just around the corner. I really need to start working on my gifts for some of the family. 
I hope everyone is enjoying the fall weather and making beautiful creations. Until next time have a great day.